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  • What's the difference in the types of sawdust?
    WoodChuck Dust comes in many forms: SHAVINGS - Our most popular and versatile sawdust has a texture of thin, wood shavings, approximately smaller than one inch. It is a custom mix of fine woods. Every batch is unique depending on what project from which it was upcycled. Uses are endless, but we mainly market this for composting toilet fill for tiny houses, RVs, vanlifers, sailors, boaters, campers and off the grid cabins and homes. POWDER - This size is best used for oil or liquid spill cleanup. It is much smaller and finer than the SHAVINGS size, with the majority of the flat, shaving-sized sawdust pieces filtered out. It's super absorbent and eco-friendly and perfect for organic spill clean up. And... it's just dust.
  • Which product is best for composting toilet fill (medium)?
    The Shavings
  • Which product is best for organic spill cleanup?
    The Powder
  • Are the wood shavings safe for my pets?
    Some species can be harmful to certain types of animals, and we LOVE animals. Every batch of Woodchuck Dust is a different blend of species of wood (depending on what we made from it). So we can not guarantee the exact species, so we would NOT recommend using it for pet or livestock bedding.
  • How do I know which WoodChuck Dust is right for me?
    Give us a call. Send us an email. Slide into our DMs on Instagram or Facebook. We can be your Emotional Dust Supporter and guide you through this choice. We got you boo.
  • Who is better looking, WoodChuck or Office Dog Kickstand Wendell?
    Duh, we all know the blonde chick is the hottest of the bunch. Pro Tip: But you can follow Kickstand Wendell, the three-legged office dog, on TikTok and Instagram at @kickstand_wendell. Better yet, follow our crew on Instagram at @woodchuckdust
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