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Eco-Friendly, Family-Owned Business

Every week we collect tons of leftover sawdust and wood scraps from all our high-end commercial millwork projects including custom hotels, restaurants and bars. Instead of filling our local landfills with all this by-product, we decided to sort, divide, upcycle and repurpose it.

So when you purchase any WoodChuck Dust, you are making an impact on our local environment and community.  And you can totally tell people about it repeatedly... like vegans love to tell people they are vegans.

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After graduating from the prestigious Notre Dame, Chuck Walczak moved to Los Angeles to become an actor. After many TV roles he was cast the hunky star of one of the greatest D-movies of all time, Crocodile 2, Death Swamp. (Google it.) This "theatrical masterpiece of shit" paved the way for future blockbusters like Sharknado and Snakes on a Plane. Chuck Walczak is a true pioneer and an OG of the D-List thriller genre.

When Tom Cruise was busy snatching all Walczak's potential roles as the short, hot hero, he realized it was time to goto Plan B. So he packed up, moved cross-country and started a custom millwork shop, WoodChuck Industries, in Orlando, Florida.

After may years of hard work, WoodChuck Industries does high-end commercial millwork for businesses like Disney, Epcot, Disney Springs, The Ritz Carlton, Hard Rock Hotels, The Don Cesar and other major hotel brands and restaurants around the United States.

So while his acting career may have been bad, his woodworking skills are badass.

Carpenter at Work


Be a good steward of Planet Earth.

Your purchases support a small-business that is

reusing and upcycling what formerly

became landfill waste. 

Give Mother Nature a high-five!

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